Laparotomy (Open Surgery) or Laparoscopy (Keyhole Surgery)?

There has been extensive debate about the use of laparoscopic surgery versus the traditional abdominal open surgery. Many surgeons prefer laparoscopic surgery for its benefits, which include less pain, scarring and blood loss associated with surgery, reduced risk of infection, shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery.

Surgeons who favour the traditional approach often argue that laparoscopic surgery is more dangerous than open surgery and leads to a greater chance of complications. However, it must be noted that the greater chance of complications only tends to occur when the laparoscopic surgery is being performed by surgeons who do not have the benefit of extensive training and experience such as surgeons who are partial to the traditional approach and do not routinely perform laparoscopic surgeries.

In the hands of a skilled and experienced laparoscopic surgeon, laparoscopy is a safe and minimally invasive procedure with good outcomes.

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